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These VIP Bottle Presenter Eclipse will Light up the your bottles night. Blast color; create hype for your VIPS , your VIP guests, your VIP patrons or your VIP crowd.  Big spenders  and hipsters will stand in line and pay top dollar to hang out and be served drinks from these cool, bright light up VIP Bottle Presenter Eclipse!  Most 750 Liter bottles from Top Shelf Brands like Ciroc, Belvedere, or Grey Goose, fit securely on the tray. Designed lightweight and easy to carry for any sexy high-heeled Cocktail Waitress these VIP Bottle Presenter Eclipse will be an easy transition.

So make your VIP area a hit with this hip, stand out light up VIP Bottle Presenter Eclipse.  Or make it your own and design a cooler or classier unique shape and add your logo, or no logo! Order a laser cut vinyl original VIP Bottle Presenter Eclipse today  and light up the night at your nightclub!  

***Please allow 14-20 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PRODUCTION***

Disclaimer: If you would like to use a liquor brand logo or name, we would require an authorized letter from your liquor distributor authorizing the production. 

 FOR ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL US 1-877-PARTY-97  ---  1-877-727-8997