CUSTOM VIP LED ICE BUCKETS - Laser Cut Logo Optional

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CUSTOM VIP LED ICE BUCKETS - Laser Cut Logo Optional

These custom LED champagne ice buckets are a great way to set your club apart.  With a large surface for branding, these units, also include LED lighting to draw attention to your bottle service.  With a large 8in. ice bucket, it can fit all kinds of bottles including champagne, vodka, tequila and more.

The two piece design features a large ice bucket and a durable outer sleeve.  The branded sleeve is made of powder coated steel and can be coated in any color and display any branding or logo.  The ice bucket itself can easily be removed for filling with ice and cleaning.  With battery operated LED lighting illuminating your logo, this product is sure to generate interest in your VIP services.      


Please note that when getting customization on these trays if you order under 6 trays the customization is done by vinyl and if you order 6 or more trays the customization is done via vinyl or laser cut.

FOR INFORMATION or BULK ORDERS CALL: 1-877-PARTY-97  ---  1-877-727-8997