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PSA for all our kindred EDM celebration significant others: Chemion LED glasses will be the most wiped out pattern for 2017! Truly, these marvelous LED glasses are what's to come. Disregard awing individuals at raves or celebrations with light shows. These Chemion glasses with the programmable LED showcases are truly going to excursion individuals out, so get your hands on these ASAP in time for every one of the celebrations.

How It Works

Fundamentally, you simply download the Chemion application (accessible for iOs or Android) and from that point you can outline your own particular movements or writings, which then light up the LED glasses. The Chemion glasses are Bluetooth, so no stresses over lines impeding your moving. They are basically and advantageously controlled by two little AAA batteries (incorporated) that embed into the sanctuary tips. Much the same as expected glasses, the Chemion glasses are lightweight and fold able, and beside the cool LED show ability, they look simply like typical shades. None of that cumbersome goggle look that you've seen around of late in techno-vision frill, thank heavens. Concerning perceivability, within the glasses (the side that you'll be looking through) has braces that make it simple for you to see out of.

The flexibility of these LED glasses is amazing. They accompany some pre-set activity's, with messages like "COOL" or a precious stone example that flashes on and off. Be that as it may, you can likewise get imaginative and program the glasses to show what you need. Keep in mind those engraving an outline cushions from when you were a child? The plan interface is basically similar to that with a pix elated board that you can draw your outline on. Whatever you architect will then light up on the LED show. You can program writings—individuals have modified the glasses to peruse things like "PLUR" or "Ruler." You could even be an aggregate spaz and program the name of the DJ you're checking whether you needed—"Howdy Flume, see me now with these LED glasses?" You can likewise break out your masterful side and draw activity's like hearts, robots, and so on. You can even consolidate content and activity. Similarly cool is the equalizer choice that plays movements to the beat of the music, so at whatever point that beat drops, you and your Chemion glasses are moving to a similar musicality.

Who Wants Them?

Truly, these LED glasses are a cool embellishment for pretty much anybody, in spite of the fact that clearly they're bringing off with EDM culture. Gamers and cosplay fans may likewise begin to look all starry eyed at the Chemion glasses since they permit the wearer to union being onlookers with a type of exhibitions. Sports fans likewise cherish these at amusements to give a shout out to their groups. These LED glasses are the ideal merging of life and innovation. It's nothing unexpected that that the designers of the Chemion glasses are enormous devotees of DAFT Punk and were enlivened by the band's LED protective caps. There is probably about it; we are moving toward the introduction of the post-human, and these amazing LED glasses are presenting us another progression in that mechanical advancement. Thus, advance beyond the pattern and request your Chemion LED glasses today!